In light of these core values, we promote the following ideas and guidelines.


We let each other know what we expect from others and what others can expect from us by communicating early, often, honestly, openly, and as completely as possible.


“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.” Said Epictetus, and we think he’s right!

Personal responsibility

We try to service the customer to the best of our abilities. We keep the customer’s best interests in mind and act with integrity. We confer the same considerations to our project’s team members as we do our own colleagues: we help them grow, treat them with respect and communicate early, openly and honestly.


We share our gained understanding — both internally as well as externally — through blogs, presentations, workshops and home-made courses.

Personal growth

We want our colleagues to grow in different areas and skills. We provide resources to achieve this kind of growth in the form of internal and external courses and non-billable time during working hours to study.

Where it all begins…

Lunatech was founded in 1993 as an Internet Provider and software development company. It started out in a Living room of Michael. Pretty soon, the Internet Provider part was split off into a separate company called Luna Internet, which still lives on (last we checked).

Lunatech continued as a software development company and steadily grew to approximately 15 employees, moving through a handful of offices. During these years, Lunatech developed a networking suite of software for the Apple Newton – which was swiftly cancelled by Steve Jobs after his return to Apple. Also, Lunatech fended off a lawsuit from Scientology after we allegedly hosted their secret handbook on one of our servers.

In 2015, Nicolas became the CEO of Lunatech and the majority shareholder.

At the end of 2014, Lunatech moved from the cozy but small office at the Heemraadssingel to a bigger office at De Baan. This allowed for aggressive expansion in Rotterdam. In the same period, an office was opened in France, and a little later an office in Amsterdam. 

At the end of 2019, Lunatech Belgium was founded!

In 2020, Lunatech moves to its current office in Hofplein located in Hofplein tower build in 1973 which had a height of 95m.

Lunatech currently located in 22nd and 23rd floor, for a total of 1400m2.