This article could have been about “The benefits of working remotely” as our company like many others are fully operational working like this. There could have been screenshots of our developers smiling and having a good time during their hangout sessions. But really, what company in our line of work doesn’t already utilize these tools?

I’d rather present some side projects that our developers have been spending their time on during these long days of isolation. Scrum Poker to start off with something a little bit more relevant.

Scrum poker

Pedro wanted to simplify your agile session so he developed a pointing poker app for your remote refinement and planning sessions. Try it out for yourself!

Feedback & contributions are much appreciated

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Master of Puppets

According to Nataliia, this was first a model of hyperbolic plane (the blue-purple thing)! She read an entire book devoted to modelling this using crocheting. Suddenly this became a hyperbolic dress of a doll.

Say hello to Alice! 🙂

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Creepy bread

Adrien has always had a passion for good food and good drinks. Although when he decided to start baking he never imagined that his creations would look like something out of a Tim Burton film!

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I am a legend

In case this epidemic goes completely out of control, where he is the only survivor. He should be able to pick some locks and get to the vital supplies for survival. Martin improves his skills by picking locks and safes. When we get back to the office, it might be smart to lock up twice!

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This physical confinement should not constitute mental confinement. Even if the period is difficult, it is also a period of creation and to share with others! Next time an article and pictures about each employees personal office at home! Nobody does that, right?